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Its a cloudy day out, the sun completely covered by clouds. You walk around the unknown territory, aware that it might start raining. You stop and scent the air, smelling many cats. Terror struck you as a massive tortoisehell shecat leapt out of nowhere , you yowl as she landed on top if you. You stare at her terrified, and suddenly a chorus of laughter came from behind you. You had now been surrounded by many massive cats. The light brown shecat on top of you joins the laughter, making you want to shriek in fear. You stay silent in hope that the massive shecat would let you go, but instead her grip tightens. Pain struck you as her long curved claws dug into your shoulders. You suddenly realize how hideously scarred the shecat was. She was missing half her tail, an ear, an eye, and patches of her fur. She finally speaks in a low growl, "Why are you on Fawnclan territory?" You want to respond but your too terrified to speak. "Answer me," her growl was lower than before her claws sinking futher in. You tell her you had no idea this was her territory in a stutter, and she loosened her grip. "Ah, I see a loner." She leapt off of you and you shakily get to your paws. "You do realize that its either join my clan or die, right? Fawnclan is a clan that shall remain a secret from others. We've had problems in the past and now we live out here, In the middle of nowhere." She hissed holding her fierce gaze on you. You admit defeat and join the clan realizing this cat could kill you with a paw swipe. "Good decision, I didn't want to kill another cat today." She had bared her blood stained fangs at you. She began padding through bushes, and you automatically followed. She finally stopped once she reached an open area. The warriors that laughed at you gathered under what was a moss covered rock, with a small hole in the middle. She leapt onto the mossrock and announced that you were joining. The warriors nodded at you approvingly. She leapt off the mossrock and mewed into your ear, "Welcome to your knew life." She walked off to the hole in the mossrock, and leapt in leaving you alone in the middle of camp.You glanced around at each dens you figure the cats must rest in. You start to wonder which way to go, and a dark grey tom comes to you. "Do you want a tour, newbie?" He hissed into your ear. You tense at the insult, and he starts to chuckle. "Too afraid to reply, huh? Okay well Fawnstar ordered me to give you a tour, so lets get too it." He pads off, and you pad after instinctively. You first stop at the moss rock with the hole in it. "This is Fawnstar's den, where she rests, and meets with returning patrols." he told you and padded off again. He then stopped at a large rock with a hole in it. "This is the warriors den, where they rest and gossip." He explained and padded off again. He stops at a den behind a bush, making it well protected. "This is the nursery, where queens nurse their kits, rest, and gossip with each other." He purred and you realized that he must have kits of his own in there. He walked off again and stopped at another well guarded den, the enterance covered with moss and bushes. "This is the kittypet, loner, rogue, or prisoners den, where you will sleep until you prove yourself." You suddenly looked uncomfortable but he reassures you. "Don't worry, you'll do fine." He padded off again, reaching a den made of brambles that surrounded a waterfall. "This in the medicine cats den, where the injured and sick go to get treated." He padded off once more reaching a large den like the warriors den. "Last but not least, the appretices den where young cats train to be warriors. That's all so you should probably go rest, Fawnstar will test you soon." You bounce off to the den and slowly walk in. It had a nest made of soft grass, but you were still uncomfortable. You finally fall also just to be woken up by a blue grey warrior, "Time for your assessment, loner." he hissed and padded off with you following. Cats gathered around and Fawnstar stood in front of you, and you struggled not to tremble under her fierce gaze.

                                Activities Calander

Monday Most people are at school, so roleplay will start at 4:00 pm and end at 8:00 pm

Tuesday Most people are at school, so roleplay will start at 4:00 pm and end at 7:30 pm

Wednesday Today is a day of goofing off with each other, a break from seriousness

Thursday Today is when most of our gatherings are held, warriors need to be present

Friday Most people are at school, roleplay starts at 4:00 and ends at 10:00-11:00

Saturday Another day of goofing off and/or fighting an enemy clan (jag me for battle)

Sunday A break from the clan completely

                      == Fawnclan's Allies and Enemies ==

Allies Skyclan, Tigerhorse486 (unofficially)

Neutral Crecentclan, xxslystarxx

Enemies None at the moment

                                == Top hierarchy ==

Leader Fawnstar (maxlexikitten)

Deputy Skullstream (Superbowl6)

Co.deputy Bluefang (dexterdog01)

Medicine cat Fawnstar (maxlexikitten) She'll take over until we get an official one

Medicine cat apprentice None

                             == Fawnclan Rules ==

1:Double clanning will be kept at a three minimum if you double clan at all

2: Give the leader space I don't need 50 different cats yelling at me constantly speak one at a time or not at all

3:Belief Fawnclan believes in "The Leaping Warriors That Roam The Stars" You may have your own believes but this is our main one

4: Leaving camp The leader is in charge of knowing where a cat is, you must have permission to leave camp

5: Kits Kits are NOT allowed to leave camp AT ALL unless you are told

6: Prisoners Fawnclan doesn't fancy taking prisoners, because it leads to more death

7:Vocabulay I will allow it only for battle, and the basic vocab at camp and at gatherings

8:Prey warriors cant take more than 1 piece of prey without hunting that day (kits, queens, medicine cats, and elders don't count)

9:No Unnecessary Drama There can be the occasional fox/badger attack but not every day

10:Respect This means leaders word is law, and you will not object her/him you also wont argue with the leader on anything, its stressing

                                == Fawnclan Basics ==

The Starry Warriors That Leap Through The Sky

These are basically all of Fawnclan's deceased clanmates that died in anyway. We called it this because Fawnclan cats love to leap, they will even just do it for exercise.

Abilities Fawnclan cats are great at hiding, leaping, fighting, and running

Weaknesses Fawnclan cats aren't great at swimming

Tag color Our official tag colors are either bronze/brown, or white/silver

Theme song Haven't decided

Official den The official den for now will be the fantasy castle, it will change if it gets bigger

Prey Fawnclan cats can leap high, and are really fast, the official prey are Rabbits, Voles, Birds of any kind, Squirrels, And Mice

Territory Our territory is Sarepia Forest, Zios, And Coral Canyons in the servers of Himalaya/Calle